Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Studio Book


When new weaving ideas percolate, I write them in my studio book.  When I see an interesting shape or design, in they go.  Wake up with a new basket in my head? The first thing I do is jot it down. So when I need inspiration, I simply read through these treasures that I've preserved.

My work process always includes an art piece that I'm currently working on, pondering new baskets for teaching, and letting a new idea simmer upstairs in my grey matter for the next piece. This way, I usually know what I'm going to work on next so I have the materials on hand, especially if they need to be dyed. And yes, it all goes into my book, as well as recording the time spent on each piece.

So this morning I'm somewhat at a loss - my studio book is back on the mainland.  It's my link, my tether to my creative self!  Yes, I'm writing things down and will paste them into it later. But it's definitely not the same thing.

All artists have their "crutch", their safe place, their routine.  Obviously, this is mine! (No worries, I have a quick trip off the island in my near future - I'll survive.)
Oh, and Happy April Fool's Day!  By the way, the above post is NOT a prank or trick, it was sincere.

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