Monday, April 28, 2014

Tracy Grammer

Tracy Grammer graced us with a concert last night at our Lopez Center for Community and the Arts.  As well as being entertained by a very talented and gifted performer, I was captivated with her stories of how and where the words and music for the songs had been inspired.

As an artist, finding inspiration is a basic fact of life. To hear her talk about ideas, being so very aware and observant of the world around, waking up with the start of new creations, and the Muses as separate beings was inspiring in itself.  That she is participating in a challenge to write a new song every week, conceptually based on the word for the week, forces me to look at my own work and perhaps create a challenge for myself - definitely not as ambitious but still one that dares me to stretch and grow.

One my very favorites:
Along with twenty-one other ladies, I am writing a song a week for all of 2014 as part of theRealWomenRealSongs project. Here's my week 6 submission. The prompt was "puzzled." The song is called "Were You Ever Here?."

Absolutely a great evening with friends filled with creative insight and vision - I applaud all that worked to make it happen.

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