Friday, April 11, 2014

Freedom To Be An Artist

There are so very many choices of what I could do today - what an awesome life this is.  A deer is munching her way through my front yard.  The hummingbirds are already fighting over the feeder and it is barely light.  And I'm prioritizing my day, wading through the myriad of options and projects confronting me.

I think today will be driftwood preparation (sanding, varnishing, drilling) outside on the deck, weaving on a random weave cedar basket that seems never-ending (I always see more to do on it no matter how much more I work on it), and then into the village for training to work at the gallery.  But before any of that, I think a walk may be in order, down by the water that looks like it is still as glass.

After a life-time of working in the corporate world, even though I've been retired for a few years now, I still relish my freedom to be an artist, work for myself, and be able to plan my own schedule and work day.  These are the gifts of my island artist life:  appreciation for what I have and an inspiring place in which to work.  Not quite sure that I am deserving of this blessed life, but I will NOT take it for granted.

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