Wednesday, April 2, 2014

General Contractor

Feeling a bit like a general contractor as I coordinate my next island projects.  The end result (hopefully) will be 1) a storage shed, large enough for the usual storage as well as a small work area to store, dry, sand, varnish and drill driftwood for weaving and 2) a propane tank on the property with lines run to the house.

So first some brush needs to be cleared.  Check - have already contacted the landscaper.

Then the area needs to be leveled, shed chosen and purchased, hire someone to build/install the shed, and it probably needs to be painted, as does the house, so a painter will be on this list somewhere.

For the propane tank, I need to know regulations of how close it may be to the house (and the shed??), what (if anything) it needs to stand on, and then have the area prepped, it placed and connected.  Obviously, at that point, I can work on converting the household appliances to gas.

It probably would be easier to hire someone to coordinate all of this for me.  Guess my independence is showing.  Wonder where my hard hat is?????  ( I actually do have one....and it is pink.)

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