Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stupid #)*(%)$&^(&$)%&%^ Computer

Yesterday, plus several hours on two other days and one hour this morning, have been spent on trying to fix my computer.  Yeah, it's a time-saver, alright!  For some reason my Outlook account decided to have an issue with iCloud (not an unusual occurrence, as I came to learn)....a falling out so that they were no longer talking with each other.  And then Outlook became so obstinate and slow as to almost not function, taking many minutes to open and then freezing whenever it felt like it. (When it comes to computers, I can't help but anthropomorphize.)  So not only was it a bear to work with, I was loosing appointments between my calendars.

A long phone call to the computer guy didn't fix it.  A visit from the computer guy didn't fix it.  Downloading a spiffy program (Norton Utilities) cleaned up LOTS of other stuff, but didn't fix it.  We upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010, and that didn't fix it.  Finally my dear, dear husband decided to open it in Safe Mode, and found there were a lot of add-ons causing the problem.  Deleting those solved it! (Bless him!!)

But now I need to relearn how to do everything with the new software.  This was not on my agenda.

Really.  Such a time-saver this little contraption is.  At least I avoided the embarrassment of throwing it out of our second story window....or shooting it....or some other type of aggressive behavior.  It was getting very close....

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