Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Travel Zentangle

I'm back to zentangling most mornings. Normally I have my computer or books close by for ideas (it's comforting to have designs handy so I don't have to create my own every single time).  But when traveling, I don't carry my computer or pile of zentangle books.

And then I discovered the book Zentangle Untangled , by Kass Hall - the Nook version!!  Color me happy!!  With a travel set of pens, a small sketchbook, and my nook, I'm all set.  The meditative drawing helps me get centered in the mornings before I teach, as well as helps to boost creative thinking.  It's sort of like calm calisthenics to keep my artist healthy.

It also helps me to be aware of patterns in the world around me, including floors, wallpaper, and most obviously, weaving designs by the gifted basket weavers at this conference.  I'm sure I'll make a few converts to zentangling - artistic sorts are attracted by the amazing designs.

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