Friday, June 28, 2013

Coiled Basket on Shaw Island

Unpacked the car in sunshine yesterday evening.  Woke up to a gentle rain - is life just not perfect???

Walked onto the ferry to go to Shaw Island for Basket Day - and again, I appreciate just being able to walk onto the ferry without crutches.  I will never take mobility for granted again - at least that is my hope. Okay, I didn't exactly skip down the walkway, but the freedom of simply walking, especially unassisted, is refreshing.

A day with friends.....weaving.....sharing ideas......planning artistic adventures.  I worked on a coiled basket designed by Judy Wilson, called Anasazi.  It's a small and surprisingly firm little basket, rimmed  with beads.  I have plans to make it in other colors, but do love the simplicity of the cream and black. Coiling has such a pleasing rhythm and relaxation to it. And the best part?  Mine actually looks hers!

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