Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Special Assistance, Special People

Traveling was a breeze thanks to those special folks that assist the mobility challenged among us.

Kudos to James from the Sheraton in Nashville (really - managed my baggage from my room, on the shuttle, and to check-in at the airport) and Sarah in Denver - extending my ride in the airport to take up my long layover!!!  (Sorry for the lack of focus...in oh so many ways.)

Am home safely, albeit very busy in reading all the accumulated emails, doing paperwork from the teaching trip, going to doctors appointments, and packing for an extended time on Lopez.  I have so many new ideas from this last trip that I'm excited to try.

Sophie (the kitty) was so worried that predators had taken me since I was gone so long that she even forgot to be upset with my absence, but just cuddled last night.  And yes, it was definitely nice to see my husband again.  It's a testament to the absolute pull that Lopez has on me that I even want to leave again so soon. But then, returning to the island is returning home.

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