Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taking Health for Granted

Things often happen for a reason, for a lesson to be learned. I know I've commented on lessons from using crutches, but a larger focus just may be not to take health in general for granted.  I now appreciate walking up or down stairs (a simple, every day task that I need to relearn), even walking normally (without limping or favoring one leg) is a task.  But I do know that life is very restricted if health (or mobility) is limited.  Huge learning: do not take my health for granted.

This past month has given me a lot to think about when it comes to health matters. What I’ve observed is that we take our health for granted, period. This is not new news but it’s worth highlighting. Most people are so busy focusing on their many external things that health is at best a side bar. But it’s much more than that, its about life and death. And until something goes wrong, we don’t seem to take much notice of it. What we fail to understand or think about is that our health is the conduit to so many things like, watching our families grow and have their families, enjoying friendships, having lifelong passions and being able to make them happen or even being able to simply work hard at a job. Without your health none of these things are possible. In some cases there are very specific things that we could be doing to live healthier and then there are cases where our health concerns are random or genetic and out of our control. If I think about it the most important learning is to live every day and feel grateful for your health and not take it or really anything for granted. But also to do the little things you can do to make yourself healthier.http://www.mylifeasafocusgroup.com/2010/12/dont-take-your-health-for-granted.html

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