Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Siren's Call

There really is nothing at all like coming home after traveling.  And while I know I complained about the weather being so hot, I have to laugh when I see that it's supposed to be warmer here this week than in Boston......not that it will be nearly the heat that we experienced over the weekend, however!

Watching the History Channel on the plane, I received several interesting inspirations for future pieces of work.  I simply never know where new ideas or designs may arise.  I need to finish getting ready for teaching in Kentucky in a couple of weeks, so these revelations are just noted in my studio book until I return to the island and can start playing with them.

It's probably better that I didn't return directly from Boston to the island but rather eased back into my slower life here at home first - I probably would have been traumatized by the culture shock - the absolute opposites in life styles.  Anyway, I have a bit more traveling to complete before I can return to my island oasis.  It's siren call is constant......

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