Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bridge is Up & Coming Home

The temporary bridge for I-5 at Mt. Vernon is up, and life is good.  Sophie and I had an easy commute to the island.  Waiting for the ferry in Anacortes, even in the rain, breathing the salt air simply eased all tension from my body (Sophie was simply asleep).  Coming home has never been so sweet.  Truly, one of these days I will simply just not go back to the mainland.  My husband says he will commute, and I may have to take him up on that.

I have packed enough basketry materials to weave for 3 solid weeks, but also have my harp, crocheting projects (that hummingbird tablecloth just might get finished one of these days), and beaded vessels to make.

I'm looking forward to solitude, work time, visiting the Farmer's Market, and going to art openings.  And even getting to the beach, although I'll probably have to take my cane with me.  HOME AT LAST.


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