Saturday, June 29, 2013

Island Choices

On the island, and it's summer, and there are so many lovely distractions enticing me away from
Anadaré and working, as I "should" be doing.  Somehow, I have a hard time dealing with "shoulds" when the island life and beach beckon.  (But then, the quiet and solitude also are so conducive to weaving and designing.)
Tonight there is an art opening and reception at the Colin Goode Gallery & Studio, tomorrow is the Farmer's Market.  And I'm starting to make a list of the possible diversions before, during, and after July 4th - outdoor concerts, Shakespeare at the Winery, and of course, the fireworks. I'm always amazed at the variety and abundance of island activities and cultural offerings.
And people ask me if I don't get bored here?  Really????

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