Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Mainland Routine

Leaving Lopez for teaching in Oregon, my day will incorporate the usual "mainland routine":

1)  Plan which ferry to take and calculate the requisite time to both get there and be in line (not too long a wait, but also not to miss it)
2)  Once on the mainland, take the car through the car wash in Anacortes
3)  Fill the gas tank at the Swinomish Chevron Gas Station
4)  Shop in Burlington for some necessary items not available on the island and essential for the trip to Oregon
5)  Drive the rest of the way home, trying to reacclimate myself to all of the traffic

Part of the usual routine normally includes getting Sophie settled in the carrier for the trip.  However, Sophie is staying on the island this time.  She has a new kitty sitter whom she adores, so I doubt that she will even miss me.  So the house and Sophie are in good hands.

Then why is it so hard to leave???

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