Monday, September 29, 2014

Ancient Stories in Contemporary Materials

Finished one final piece for our upcoming show in October at Chimera Galley:  Ancient Stories - Woven and Felt. (I have several other new pieces completed but ready for finishing touches only.)   This one, simply entitled Ancient Story, was a test of a new lashing material for me.

Needing to move away from my usual waxed linen, which insinuates itself into the design with its color, I wanted a lasher that "disappeared" for the pattern.  I used fishing line.  I bead with it, why not weave with it?  Which simply opens up so very many more possibilities!  And of course, as with all lattice twining, the reverse design is on the inside.

Hmmm, I know, this one isn't elegant.  But its functional, and for those that have seen it, it has a little charm all its own.

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