Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pearls From the Weekend

The Studio Tour offered not only an opportunity for sales, but also talking with wondrously supportive folks expressing appreciation for my art.  Sharing this part of me with others was so affirming, as well as the more practical gift of finding interested potential students for basket classes here on the island.

Having met two lovely and energetic women while waiting in the ferry line in Anacortes, they made the effort to find me and my southern hide-away and we spent some quality time, along with a special lady they attracted from their camp ground. Their travels are documented on http://ifnotnowwhen.me/.  The serendipity continued yesterday, while "Thelma and Louise" had already ventured onward with their travels, I ran into their third companion and we had a delightful lunch complete with a much needed (on both sides) and heartfelt conversation.  It feels that we've all made life-long friendships.

Gifts abound if we are only open.  Sometimes eavesdropping (as in a ferry line) produces quite unexpected and surprising treasures.

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