Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not Giving Up (or Saved by the Studio Log)

As mentioned in previous blogs, my companion while working is my studio log.  This morning it is actually saving my sanity.  My most recent attempt at weaving one particular art piece has failed.  Again.  While I'm frustrated (to say the least - it is the fourth edition with approximately 75 hours in sum total), I do know what doesn't work, and by recording that into the studio log, in detail, I can release the frustration and plan what to change for the next go-round.

Oh no, I'm not giving up on it.  And I'm learning some new techniques along the way to correct the issues that arise.  All of my disappointment and irritation seem to dissipate when I record what went wrong and what to try differently the next time.  The sense of failure is softened, leaving room for growth and creative solutions.

Once I record all that needs to be noted, I will (with a sigh of relief) throw out the partial weaving that at the moment mocks me every time I walk by.  If I don't have to continually look at the errors, but rather have them recorded in the log with potential solutions, I will certainly feel better.  The simple act of writing it all down will provide a much needed respite.

But giving up is not an option.


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