Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Carving Pencils

While spending some quality time with my spouse on the mainland, we found ourselves in a wood working store.....which felt more like a candy store to me with the different woods, books, TOOLS, finishing supplies, POWER TOOLS, and experienced woodworkers with whom to chat.  My new enthrallment with wood is opening up some unexpected doors.

I ran across this book (that was even on sale):

Oh the possibilities!!  Naturally, I had to explore it further:

So really, at least attempting a project like this isn't like trying to make a chair.  They are simply pencils. (Or so one thinks, until reading the list of tools one needs.)  And the book is about carving on resin pencils, which are no longer made.

HOWEVER, I did find crayon carving!!  I am, as usual, in awe at what people think to create.


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