Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Mornings

My, how my Monday mornings have changed!  Instead of dreading the frantic commute, appointments and calendars filled to capacity, meetings, phone calls, emails, difficult customers, and deadlines for only monetary reward and not pleasure, my morning is filled with choices of which projects to work on and what wood is in what phase of finishing, when I want to take my walk and when to settle in and produce at least a small portion of writing.

My day is mine, to fill as I please.  Well, yes, I do have deadlines, but they are of my own making.  I have work to do, but it is my chosen work, what fills me.

Perhaps I'm just reminding myself how lucky I am, to live on the island, to work with my art, and have loving friends and family supporting my choices.  It does take courage to live your dream, and people will think it odd or even wrong.  Is it selfish?  Perhaps it is, if selfish means to find your true center.  But if some of us don't step out of the rat race, who will???



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