Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thanks to the Women

I don't get involved in politics, and definitely don't usually write about them in this blog.  But I do want to make the observation of the gift that women can bring to the table -  in this case helping to resolve the government shutdown.

WASHINGTON — The male Senate leaders may have tied the bow on a deal aimed at ending the government shutdown, but credit for shaping the package is being given to a group of women, led by Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.
Collins delivered a speech of her own that day, urging her colleagues to work together on a solution.
Two of her sister senators — Republicans Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire — were the first to call Collins and join the effort. "I know my colleagues are tired of hearing about the women in the Senate," Collins said Wednesday, with a smile, as she thanked Murkowski and Ayotte.
Collins, Murkowski and Ayotte even appeared together Wednesday morning on NBC's Today show, calling for an end to partisan bickering and politics.

Peace is only possible, according to Baha'i teachings, once women have been accorded full participation across all fields of human endeavor.  And this recent experience is simply a perfect example of what can be achieved, by women, the peacemakers.

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