Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Humble Beginner

Had the first of four face drawing classes last night...... From master weaver to novice drawer in one fell swoop!
To be a beginner again, having to concentrate on all the little details that definitely don't come naturally (hard to believe they ever will, either, in this medium), makes me appreciate my own students so much more.  And it certainly makes me concentrate and observe (sort of the whole point).
For some reason still unclear, I am intrigued with trying to draw faces.
In the spirit of humility, here are last night's first attempts portraying the basic differences in male and female faces.
Oh yes, there is ever so much farther for me to go. And I apologize for making any artists of this medium cringe. 
As I said...... Total beginner, which should not reflect negatively on my instructor. It's  a step up from cartoon stick figures!

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