Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Drawing Faces and Portraits

In preparation for taking a four-session class in drawing faces and portraits at the Experimental College on the University of Washington campus, which starts in a couple of weeks, I'm gathering my notes from the previous class that I took from this instructor.  Exactly why I'm intrigued to draw faces is beyond me at the moment (both for the skill as well as the desire), but I'm responding to my inner prompting to do so.

It seems doubtful that this experience will be directly useful in my weaving (one never knows).  But it will help my artistic eye to see proportions, improve what limited drawing skills I do have, and help me stretch in many ways.

It's also humbling, to go from master weaver to novice sketcher.  Feeling frustrated and occasionally delightfully surprised at certain outcomes is all part of the package of learning.

Hopefully I will never lose the desire to learn.

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