Friday, October 18, 2013

My Haven

Came back up to the island yesterday.  In the line for the ferry, even before getting onto the ferry or being on the island, I felt a wave of calmness envelope me.  Really.  I felt totally relaxed, at peace, and centered. That I even noticed indicates what a dramatic change it was from how I had been feeling.

It was as if I was literally moving out of the "busy" life, and into a different reality.  With all of the recent travel, airports, conference to attend and work, show opening, appointments, and traffic (all parts of a normal day), my spirit was more than ready to slow down and simply be.

And it continues this morning, as I look out onto the fog which gently hides my view of the bay but offers calm and quiet.  It's easier for me to make decisions here (I've had offers to participate in four different projects - one which I now realize I need to turn down, accept two others, and the fourth is a maybe, depending if I can garner some assistance). 

Here I can breathe and think clearly. And once again I remind myself how very lucky I am to have found this haven.  So Sophie and I will sit here for a little bit, sipping tea (me, not Sophie), absorb the peace, and then start work on a project. 

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