Sunday, October 27, 2013

Slower & Simpler - My Right to Live a Simpler Life

My choice to live on an island is often questioned by others when we meet for the first time.  I read an article lately about our unassailable right to live simply:

My husband is 100% supportive of my choice to live on Lopez Island, which is very important to me (and who knows, I just might convince him to retire a bit earlier than planned).  My kids also are supportive, and my close friends as well.  Other than that, I really like what this article says about not having to defend my lifestyle.

And most importantly, that I can care about others without caring about how they think I should live my life.  I'm simply claiming my unassailable right to live a life that makes me happy.  That said, I definitely feel blessed that I even know what makes me happy!

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