Friday, February 7, 2014

Dawn Inspirations: Interfaith Book Club

What is it about that magical time, just as I wake?  I'm relaxed, drifting, thoughtful.  It's when some of my best basket designs come to me. Well, and other inspirations too.

This morning it happened to be to start an Interfaith Book Club on Lopez.  I'll need to check around first to see if one already exists. Then of course I need to find at least two other folks who might be interested.  Based on the principle "if you build it, they will come", once started it will hopefully build in momentum and membership.

I coordinated such a book club at Barnes & Noble in Tukwila for several years.  We met in the store on Sunday evenings, and the group actually swelled to 15 at times.  Of course we also had ready resources for speakers on the various religions, which helped.  And the book store ordered in the books for us, so they were readily available.

But I'm inspired.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

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