Saturday, February 8, 2014

An Uncomplicated Life

At the risk of inadvertently inviting unexpected turmoil into my life, I've been thinking lately (and talking with my dear friend) about how quiet, calm, and tame our lives are.  Granted, I may tend to over-commit at times, and have to deal with deadlines and such.  But for the most part, there is no hysteria, no drama, no tumult.

Leading a quiet, reflective life on a beautiful island, I can only contemplate on how lucky I am.  Chaos, unrest, and unhappiness must be kept at bay by, wait for it, our bays??  Sorry, that just came out.

In sum, it's just one more thing for which I am so lead a full but un-messy life. For now.  Right now.  In this moment.  Yes I know it may not last.  But it's definitely to be enjoyed.

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