Monday, February 3, 2014

A Work Day

It's Monday morning and a work day beckons:
     Preparing basket kits for teaching
     Writing 3 weaving patterns
     Working on my book
     Finishing a basket for the gallery
     Writing proposals to apply for teaching

What is NOT included in my day:
     Traffic to get to work
     Noise and fumes
     Working for someone else
     Views of congested roadways and city streets
     Getting dressed up and wearing make-up
     Tension and stress

I definitely don't take my life for granted.  Even with a full day of work ahead, I appreciate the idyllic views of Barlow Bay, taking a break to refill the bird feeder, planning a walk after lunch to breathe the island air, and occasionally petting or playing with my feline assistant.  I know, I've worked hard to create this life. But I am continually grateful for what I have.  Perhaps the word I'm looking for might be....happy??

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