Friday, February 28, 2014

Breathing Again

Actually, it's not just being able to breathe again, it's also sleeping, thinking, and feeling centered.  Dear, dear Lopez Island:  you offer comfort, quiet, dark and peaceful nights (I didn't realize how much the ever present ambient light during my travels disrupted my sleep, let alone the noise factor), fresh air, and security.  I can let down my guard and completely relax.

Sophie is still a bit clingy from my recent absence due to traveling, but even that is nice. The deer and birds have already been to visit.

Sigh.  Life is wonderful and feeling complete.  Schedules, dead lines, work, worries about a friend's health - they are all still there. Bur for right here, right now, I'm taking refreshment in the view from Anadaré, sipping my morning tea, and absorbing the peace.  How very, very lucky I am to have found my little corner of paradise.

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