Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Simple Day on Lopez

My meeting in Friday Harbor was cancelled yesterday, so I had an unexpected day at home to continue to work on preparing basketry kits for teaching, watching the red-winged blackbirds empty the bird feeder, listen to the rain, gather some driftwood to dry out and prepare for baskets, and simply enjoy the quiet.  A bit of weaving and a tad of knitting rounded out a perfect day. (Sophie made sure she had her play time, by bringing her toys to me quite regularly throughout the day.)

My charming views of the bay, the eagles overhead, the deer wandering through the front yard - how could I NOT be in love with this island?  I suppose my life here would be boring to many.  To me, it is simply home, and to be missed when I have to return to the mainland for the "other" parts of my life.

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