Thursday, May 23, 2013

Welcoming Birds

When I arrive at Anadaré each time, there is a "settling" or homecoming routine.  I get Sophie out of her carrier and settled inside, I turn on the water, the hot water heaters, the heat, and turn on the power strips and microwave.  Then I start heating the hummingbird food while I empty the car.

Once that is all done, and the nectar is cooled, I put out the seed and nut bird feeder and the hummingbird feeder.  This trip the hummingbirds were there within a couple of minutes.  It took a little longer for the other birds to find the feeder, but I was rewarded with some colorful visitors - red-winged blackbirds and black-headed grosbeaks.

It's so nice to be welcomed back by the sunshine, the salt breezes, and now the birds.  Sigh.  I'm home.

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