Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So it's back to this alternate reality of meetings, boards of directors, traffic, appointments, and having to check my calendar for my day's events.  Instead of having the time to watch the birds while weaving, I'm scheduling and trying to pack yet another item into my days before I leave for Boston on Friday. 

Just thinking about another episode of airports and travel makes me cringe - probably because I'm also preparing class kits to teach in Kentucky in another 2 1/2 weeks.  (And traveling with 3 large suitcases to get there is overwhelming at the moment.)

I probably wouldn't feel so engulfed if my knee was functioning at 100%.  Perhaps the ratio of my dis-ease is inversely proportional with the rate of my healing and mobility.  For some odd reason, it helps to think of it like that.

So to increase my odds of getting my usual energy and enthusiasm back for this life I've created (which is oh so much better than sitting behind a desk everyday), after I finish my physical therapy exercises, I think I'll go to the pool for some easy movements in the water.  Hmmm, that may mess up my "schedule", but oh well!!

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