Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Island Events

We've had a very busy few days on the island:

- a study group on the Bahai Faith here at Anadaré
- a visit to the Lopez Historical Museum (and they even have baskets!!)
- the meeting of OPALCO (co-operative power company for the islands) on the ferry as it travels through the islands, complete with gifts, lunch, and I even won a door prize [we may be the only co-op that holds it's annual meeting aboard a ferry]
- an excellent concert at a local church: The Baroque Trio Sonata with violin, viola, harpsichord and flute
- a play: Volpone, by Ben Johnson (I will admit it got a bit confusing....I need to read it, now)
- celebration of Cinco de Mayo at the Galley Restaurant
- a trip on the ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island for the day - in absolutely perfect weather

And interspersed with bird-watching, the beach, weaving, reading, and simply basking in the sun (it was sunny and warm the entire time).

Can you say cultural variety???  One would think this was a vacation, rather than simply a long, sunny weekend visit to our island home.

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