Thursday, May 16, 2013

Off the Crutches!!!

After 9 very long weeks, I finally have the go ahead from my doctor to try living, albeit slowly and carefully, without those blasted crutches!!  I would so be doing a happy dance right now.....except dancing is not on my list of acceptable activity for 3 - 4 more weeks.

So I'm dancing in my heart.  Yes, I'm a bit slow in navigating around.  And yes, I still take stairs one at a time leading with my good leg.  Ah, but it's progress!  Physical therapy is helping so very much - if it's offered as part of the healing process, I don't know why everyone doesn't take advantage of it.

Now if I can just not over-do it for a while longer....

Planning my trip back to Lopez next week is even more exciting!

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