Friday, May 24, 2013

Bridge Collapse

Some events hit closer to home than others.  Thankfully, no lives were lost in the bridge collapse near Mt. Vernon last night.  But on the eve of a holiday weekend, we are only beginning to experience the full ramifications (no pun intended) of having I-5 totally shut down in that area.

I'm sure I'm not alone in calculating the adjustments I will have to make in my own, very small sphere of life as a result.  Hmmm, little things, like:  how am I going to get home??  All the alternate routes on very small, two lane roads and bridges are going to be completely overloaded.  Oh, I have a plan, but it will involve a MUCH longer drive.  Ah, the things we take for granted, like bridges and infrastructure.

So I will simply make sure I have enough water for Sophie and myself when I do start my trip home.  And plan ahead with packing the kitty litter box for Sophie.  And she will simply get to be freed from the kitty carrier if need be.  Very simple choices at the moment.

But the thought certainly did cross my mind:  this may be the opportune time to decide NOT to leave the island at all!

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