Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Whole Point

One year ago this weekend, my husband and I visited Lopez Island for our anniversary - his first trip ever to the island.  On the following Monday, we spent the day looking at homes with a realtor.  Reflecting upon our adventures of this past year of buying Anadaré, fixing it up, getting to know some of the artists on the island, and setting up my studio for weaving and teaching, I'm filled with a sense of completion, of "rightness".

The whole point of coming to the island was to be, as this blog is attempting to document, an artist on the island.  It feels that I'm beginning to come full circle on that.  Our first weekend in the house last Labor Day, we attended the Lopez Artist Studio Tour, and were amazed at the diverse and talented artists working here.  Right then I set a goal for myself to work toward participating in the tour the next year (or perhaps the year after).

I'm delighted to report that I registered my studio for this year's tour!  Really, you have no idea just HOW delighted I am.  There's something so fulfilling about setting a goal, working toward it, and seeing it come to fruition.  This journey started with buying the house (only resident artists of Lopez may participate in the tour - and no, we didn't buy the house just so I could be in the tour), applying to the Lopez Artist's Guild and being juried in (only members of the guild may be included in the tour), setting up the house for a working studio, and making the decision to build up a sufficient inventory of baskets, vessels, beading works, and jewelry to offer during the tour.  This latter issue will be a driving force for me during the coming few months - hopefully a pleasant journey.

Color me happy!

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