Sunday, September 23, 2012


Just enjoyed seeing 'Memphis' (the musical) in Seattle with my dear husband. So what in the world does that have to do with being an artist on Lopez?  Simply the realization that living so close to Seattle has its benefits, and a reminder to appreciate each place for what it has to offer.  I think I take the abundance of the arts in Seattle for granted, most of the time.  They are simply always there.  Living part time on the island may sharpen my awareness of the richness and variety that are available on the mainland.

Lopez has a thriving artist community and will have its own blend of inspiration and offerings.  I hope to embrace it all, as much as my part-time living and working there will permit.  (I do need to get some work done.)  So there are certainly no regrets for working on Lopez; a reminder, perhaps, for an attentiveness and wakefulness.  Mindful living?

The challenge will be BALANCE - my word for this year.  While I am organized and it certainly appears that I balance things well, internally may be another story.  (Obviously -  why else am I yearning for tranquility??  And then there are the shingles outbreaks!)  Prayer, basketry, beads, sketching, writing, and do I dare add music?  There is much to balance. Life is a smorgasbord*.....and a blessing.

* per Auntie Mame

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