Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trying to Enjoy the Process

Now comes the tedious part - packing, lists, worrying it will all fit into the truck (which it will, if I would only believe my husband, the master packer), and last minute shopping.  I want to BE there, not sorting and packing.  Back to the one step at a time thing.  One and a half bays of the garage are devoted to Anadaré furniture, supplies, dishes, new screens, computer hook-ups, Nordic track, new refrigerator - and the list goes on and on.  (My daughter - it is no surprise where you got your list making gene.)  My little car will be so happy to have her space in the garage back after a month in the driveway.

But also packing some tools and weaving materials - and of course, baskets!  The electric drill is a must, for driftwood handled baskets and wall pieces, as well as a driftwood coat hook bar that I just decided to make.  Oh darn - I'll have to go the the beach first thing and look for driftwood!


My lesson for today (and the rest of the week): it's a process, so try to enjoy each step.

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Sara said...

I find lists I've written myself everywhere. In fact, I came into the office today to find an old sticky on my keyboard that had a grocery list on it. The cleaners must have found it on my floor last night and left it for me.