Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blog #1 - How to Begin?

How does one start the first blog of their life?  By simply beginning, I'm finding.  Rather like my new adventure of creating an artist's haven/nest/refuge on Lopez Island - named Anadaré ("I will nest"). To make dreams come true, as in any venture, it means putting one foot in front of the other.  And it all began with a single step - the courage to challenge conventional wisdom and the "safe" path.  To act on a wish, a dream, and give myself permission to believe.  Perhaps I'm crazy, but if so, craziness definitely brings a smile to my face.  And it absolutely helps to have such an understanding husband!

All my life, I've yearned to be back by the salt water - preferably a protected bay or on the Sound, not the ocean.  And as long as I was dreaming, why not add in white wicker furniture (and I have no idea why that is so important to me), a view, and tranquility.  So yes - I found the perfect little place on Lopez Island.  And I'm in love with it!  (We'll probably review that thought later on when something leaks or breaks down or I'm stuck because the ferry isn't running....)  The minute that I step foot onto the island, though, I feel peaceful.  It is home.

View from our "private" beach.
Most of the major renovations (such as they are) should be complete this week, and this weekend we'll move in some furniture.  For these past few weeks, daily I find myself planning, yearning to be there, making lists of what to pack, and thinking about what I want to do there.  At times it feels like I have two lives -one on the island, and the other here "in America", as the Lopezians call it.  Unraveling some of my commitments here is an on-going challenge, but it is time.  This certainly has helped me clarify my priorities, and recognize my "shoulds".

And so we begin!  For this year I want to document the joys, the challenges, the art, the inspirations, the people - in truth life as an artist on the island.  And I'll try to learn from my daughter, that blogging also takes a bit of discipline!

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Deborah Moskowitz said...

Greetings Sally!
Congratulations on the studio...I too, dream of a real studio. You're an inspiration--taking the leap. May you fly with your creativity!! In peace, Deborah can check out my blog at Cheers!