Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sharing the Magic

My son and his family are visiting me on the island this weekend, and I realize how much I love sharing my island retreat.  I see it anew through my grandsons' eyes as they see the deer right off of the deck.  Our slow meandering walk down to the beach brings special moments to observe nature and the quiet peace that surrounds me every single day.

Even the gentle rain is soothing, almost insisting that we slow down and simply breathe.  We may go into the Village....or not.  We may read, or play games, or simply visit. The days are full of teaching moments for the young ones, and soothing ones for the rest of us.

It doesn't matter what we do - except that we are together - on Lopez - and I can literally see them relax.

The magic of Lopez is effecting us all.

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