Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Challenging New Piece

The studio tour is over (which was amazing and wonderful), Labor Day weekend is done, and thoughts turn to new beginnings.  I started a new piece yesterday, and as usual, I'm wondering if I'm perhaps pushing myself too hard...too far...too something this time. 

It's red.....it has 278 spokes.....and will definitely be a challenge.  I converted an oval planter for the mold, simply because I love its shape....and with this many spokes, I really, really need a mold.  The designs I have in mind are dragons on each side (a far cry from my usual flowers, leaves and vines).  Here's the scary beginning photo:

If you don't weave,  I'll just share that that is a lot of spokes.  If you do weave, you'll know that it's a lot of spokes.  And yes, it's a bit experimental in shear size, shape, and even the design.

I do love a challenge.

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