Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Camera Research

Yesterday I spent part of the day researching cameras.  I want to be able to take pictures of my own work, as well as those for examples in my patterns and photos of baskets for my book (to one day be written).  My head is swimming with details of digital, compacts, super zooms, and SLR-like cameras. As with any information gathering process on the internet, there is way too much to easily assimilate.

After listing, sorting, comparing and deciding on a budget range, the choice has been thankfully narrowed down to two or three possibilities.  I have no intention of becoming a professional photographer, that is quite clear!  I want something above the point-and-shoot range and well below the top of the line.

But I am thinking that it will be fun to have a real camera around, rather than relying solely on my cell phone.  Maybe then I can better capture some of the sunsets and sights of my island home, that the cell phone camera simply isn't designed to catch.  Be forewarned, some fruits of my endeavors just may show up here as well.

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