Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grant Proposals


After some appointments today, the rest of the day will be spent gathering pertinent information in order to write several grant proposals. I would definitely rather be weaving, but sometimes the business side of things has to come first.  It always sounds neat to say "I'm an artist"......if people only knew all the paperwork, 'busy-ness', and non-artistic stuff that goes with that!!

Writing for grants is tiresome, detailed, and feels so unproductive to me in the moment.  There is never a guarantee that one will be awarded the grant.  But I keep reminding myself, I definitely won't get anything unless I write the request! (Sort of like the dilemma of not buying lottery tickets...really hard to win if you don't buy them.  Come to think of it, writing grants is pretty similar to a lottery.)

It's also a challenge to have such a clear plan or path for future work, that a detailed, specific request can be formulated and succinctly written to accomplish that work.

Perhaps the challenge is getting the right and left sides of the brain to work together.  I'll keep the ibuprofen handy.....

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