Saturday, August 10, 2013

Resort Local

Leaving the island yesterday made me realize that, in the summer at least, I am a "resort local".  Understandably, it was a Friday.  But as we landed on the mainland, the lines for the ferry to go to the islands were impressive - all full, even the overflow lanes, and backed up for a mile.  It gave me something to think about, especially when I stopped at my favorite gas station to fill up for the ride home and there were lines there, too.  So many people go on vacation, or at least weekend stays, to my little bit of paradise.

Instead of getting frustrated with the crowds, which I know will dissipate as soon as summer is over, it's a great reminder of what a treasure my island home is.  When the vacationers and visitors are gone, I'll still have my retreat, my Anadaré. 

I get to be there all the time, or as much as my schedule allows at the moment.  I'd just never thought of myself as a living at a resort.  So naturally, doing just a bit of research, I discovered a website devoted to resort locals: .

It really didn't tell me anything new, but just reinforced how lucky I am to live where the beauty attracts visitors from all over the world, to breathe the fresh, salt air daily, to appreciate being happy and aware of the glorious place I live.

But a note to self:  do not try to take a ferry on a Friday in the summer!

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