Friday, August 2, 2013

Hummingbird Table Cloth

My initial inspiration for this hummingbird table cloth was for a project to work on while waiting for and traveling on ferries to the island.  Now that it's gotten to almost an unmanageable size for working in the car, I'm permitting myself to crochet on it almost anytime, anywhere....just to get it done.  I taught myself filet crochet (by making one doily), and then designed this table covering.  It needs about 20 more rows, but obviously the rows are getting very, very long (it is about 58" in diameter right now, done in ecru).  Still, with a dark teal cloth under it, I think I will love it.

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Gilberto said...

Hello my name is Gilberto and me and my mother loved your blog. Can You please post the picture of the complete work of this towel? If not Possible can you send the pattern to me by email. Thanks