Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life is Complicated

Life has so very many details on a daily basis. As I sit here making lists for going back up to the island and the studio tour, I'm amazed at the dearth of minutia required to even function "normally". And without my lists and calendar, I do tend to forget things - not just for the packing, but for everyday living.  I have lists of what to do that day, who to call or email, appointments to keep....really just how to keep-up - daily.  And the more "stuff" we have (computers, electronics), the more maintenance, programming, buttons to push, and passwords we need to know and remember.

The statistics show there is a rise in the incidence of Alzheimer's.  Of course that is affected by the number of baby boomers, but perhaps it's also because life has gotten so bloody complicated.  If we didn't have so much to remember, maybe lapses in memory wouldn't be so apparent?

Just my thoughts today...as I look up some passwords (thankfully I can remember the password to the program that stores my passwords), check my calendar to see what I'm already forgetting to do today, and dream of my quieter life on Lopez.

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