Friday, December 14, 2012

Struggle to go Back to the Mainland

Each trip back to the mainland now is more for doctor and dentist appointments, meetings, my part-time work, and seeing family members.  More and more activities and necessities are being moved to Anadaré for daily living.  This transition has certainly come much faster than I anticipated.  But I was warned by other Lopezians....once you get a foothold on the island, it sort of sucks you in.

I do feel like I'm in a time warp of sorts.  Nothing seems quite real - on either shore.  But this state of being, instead of feeling unsettling, is rather useful to help evaluate all of our material goods and put things into their proper perspective.  I'm sure it will eventually all settle down.

I do know that is a struggle to return to the mainland when planned, once I am ensconced on the island.  I mean really a struggle.  Why would I want to leave my nest of peace, quiet, nature, and inspiration??  Oh, well there is that whole thing about needing to earn some money.  But other than that....

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