Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slower & Simpler Sunday - Deadlines

As I prep for travel teaching, in order to get everything done, I realize that I create deadlines for myself.  You know how sometimes a word, a common word that you use everyday, suddenly just sounds funny?  So I looked up the origin of "deadline":

What is a DEADLINE?
It orginates from the american civil war:
Confederate captain Walter Bowie wrote: "On the inside of the stockade and twenty feet from it there is a dead-line established, over which no prisoner is allowed to go, day or night, under penalty of being shot."
Do you have a deadline? How does it feel?

So.....I'm working on finding a better word for it:  goal, target, aspiration, objective, intention.....okay, I'm obviously still working on it.  But somehow the old word just no longer fits into my plans for a slower and simpler life.

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