Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Okay, I am still of the mind that making New Year's Resolutions is a very useful tool for improving myself, making a difference in the world, and creating new habits.  It's a time of new beginnings - why not take advantage of that?? (Sort of like the ingrained reflex in the fall to buy new office products......a conditioned response from childhood for back to school readiness.)

For the past few years, I've switched from making a long self-improvement list to trying to summarize the goals for that year into one word.  I might make a sub-list of what that word means to me, or what it might look like.  But I no longer make a list of things that will later scream at me of my failure when I don't accomplish them.

Goal for 2013:  SIMPLER

That really shouldn't come as a great surprise to any of us, considering what I've been chattering about for the last 3 months. My sub-list, or thoughtful responses to what simpler might look like, may include cutting back on unnecessary spending (and involving my spouse in that venture), clearing clutter and excess from closets/garage/drawers/computer/bookshelves/studio/storage unit, mailing cards and letters more often, and including more 'green' thinking and activities into daily well as anything else that surfaces while I read about the simpler life during this year.

That's it.  (Guess it really shouldn't be too complicated, considering my goal word.)

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