Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Truly an Island Dweller

If there had been any doubts whatsoever that I am an islander, those doubts are now completely put to rest with my trip to Los Angeles.  Oh my heavens!  How they deal with all the traffic, even on the weekends, is way beyond ken.  Thankfully I was merely the passenger, and the driver was skilled.

I could no more live in that time-consuming, energy wasting (both mine and the fuel) way of life than fly.  The traffic, over-population, constant lights and noise and busy-ness could have been overwhelming if I had not kept reminding myself that I was just visiting.

Back home on Lopez I'm embracing anew the peace and quiet, no traffic, and no lights.  The only sounds are the frogs reawakening, the night light is from the moon.  And the fresh air is pure bonus.  I'm definitely not taking my life here for granted.  Maybe we need to travel to be reminded of what we truly have.


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