Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All Those Papers and Files

As I tackle the filing cabinets at the mainland house, deciding what to keep, what should be shred, and what goes into the recycling, I am absolutely astounded at what I've kept over the years. Files marked "To Do", "To Keep", "Ideas", files filled with magazine articles, old cards and letters, folders from organizations I've belonged to, and anything I thought was interesting and worth keeping for about the last 12 years (since the last big purge) now fill the recycling bin. The Internet has changed how we manage information.  We no longer need to keep scraps of paper - we can look it up if we ever need it again. 
Embracing that "if" is the guidepost to clearing out all manner of clutter, I'm finding.  I also battle the "shoulds" - I probably should keep this..... And don't even get me started on all the craft magazines!
Surrounded by boxes at the moment, I'm  waiting for that moment when I feel organized, lighter, and in control of the paper monster. (I'm not quite there yet!)

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