Thursday, December 18, 2014

How Many Crochet Hooks?

Just how many crochet hooks does one need?  I have my own set, what is left of my mother's set, and those that my aunt left me.  Yes, I've been crocheting since age 8.

Unfortunately, I haven't met a crochet hook that I didn't like.  I have some mahogany ones now, one that lights up, and tunisian hooks. Ah, but yesterday I saw a fancy brass one.  So in tribute to those who crochet, and love hooks, I need to share.  Perhaps to prove that I'm not the only one in the world with this fascination??

Crochet hooks.


1 comment:

geyser said...

I have a few of those brass ones, i wonder if you know the source, They are my favorite and I lost touch.